This form of interior design is well known to match old-looking (antique) and distressed furniture and furnishings with soft, even pastel, yet cottage style décor.   It also brings in vintage items that often are meant to accent white floors, walls and ceilings.  This all look was evolved by British and successfully later (with some minor changes) adopted by Swedes.

You can distinguish this style easily if you look at the furniture- either naturally old or made-look-old signs are always somehow emphasized. This can be achieved by using glaze or other décor techniques (even by rubbing of the paint with sand paper so the wood would appear). Fabrics are usually linens (especially old French style) and cottons. Pastels, that were specially bleached or (what is even better) warn, and pure white are the most common colours. Everything tends to be bleached and faded quite a lot.

Everything that is antique is also very popular in Shabby Chick Décor. It goes together with old items, shenille bedspreads, vintage pillows, vintage linens, even vintage chandeliers and anything that is decorated with roses. This all creates a relaxed, very feminine, pinkish, inviting and comfortable bedroom interior. This style can also be called cottage style.

Some Shabby Chick Bedroom Décor inspiration

(Taken from various sources via Pinterest)


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