What an exciting challenge is to create a nursery! You can feel as your vision of your perfect childhood suddenly comes true. This is truly a place where your present meets your past and your future.

There are lots of brilliant books about creating a nursery. This time we looked at the “Nursery Style” by Serena Dugan and Lily Kanter. They did really great job writing, describing, and filling with images this lovely book.

Right at the beginning of the introduction they encourage a reader to feel free, and let your vision to come true as your baby does not have any opinion about the surrounding world until the age of two –three. So you should really enjoy the luxury of creating a room that fits your vision.

They also advice, that in baby’s bedroom there is no need to exaggerate your efforts (filling the space from floor to the ceiling with cartoon characters or getting a matching suite of all too tasteful baby furniture) if you do not feel like doing that. You should really make this bedroom the way you really want to as you will probably be the one (of all grownups) who spends most of your time in it. You can craft the space with art you love, small sweet things that you find in flee market, or “that crib you fell in love with from the boutique down the street”. You should really have fun, be brave and stick to what you truly love.

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